Varicose veins that we can see or feel on the surface of the leg may be treated by injection. A strong sclerosing solution is injected which causes inflammation to the wall of the vein resulting in eventual scarring and closing off of the vessel Compression stockings help the vein wall "stick" together. This method is common in Canada but the injections are generally done without being able to visualize the connections below the surface. Therefore, the outcome is sometimes only temporary. Spider veins and some larger varicose veins can be treated this way especially with newer methods like foam sclerotherapy . Several treatments are often needed. After the injection of larger veins you will need to wear compression stockings. You need to do mild exercise (walk,bike,treadmill) for at least 1/2hr daily for 3 days. Treatments are at roughly one month intervals.

• can be covered by OHIP if certain criteria are met
• long track record
• less invasive than surgery
• No scars

• Hyperpigmentation (looks like bruising): temporary in 25% of cases, permanent in 1% of cases
• rare possibility of skin ulcers, blood clots and allergic reaction

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