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This is the state of the art technique for people with underlying non visible varicose veins which are causing the visible and troublesome surface problems. EVLT is a treatment alternative to stripping. A 2 mm incision is made at the level of the knee and a laser fiber is inserted into the greater saphenous vein. Pulses of laser light are delivered into the vein which causes the vein to collapse and seal shut. This is done in office under local anesthesia.

Click here to view an EVLT procedure with Dr. Robert Min (developer of the EVLT procedure and technology)

• Minimally invasive
• Minimal pain and discomfort compared to stripping. Patients are back to normal activity the next day
• Excellent long term results (98% of veins shut at 3 years)
• No inflammatory response as with sclerosing medications
• Can be combined with phlebectomy to remove the large surface veins all in one session
• Compression stockings only needed for one day
• Much lower risk of complications compared
with vein stripping
• No scars

• Not everyone is a candidate (a straight segment of vein is needed to pass the laser)
• Smaller surface veins almost always need to be treated with phlebectomy or sclerotherapy

EVLT can be considered for all patients considering vein stripping. It has the highest success rate for closing the greater saphenous of any minimally invasive technique. It is the best procedure for those who want to avoid the scarring and recovery time of vein stripping and still get excellent long term results.

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